“In twenty years of experience in international business, my mission has always been to support people achieve their best performance, helping them attain greater self-awareness both in the workplace and in private life. Before any business strategy and goals can be achieved, people are the most important resource”.

Anja Pascolo

Anja Pascolo

Consultant, Trainer manageriale e Business Coach PCC

Applying an intercultural approach, I offer professional coaching to individuals and teams as well as consulting and training in the areas of leadership development, communication, collaboration, change management and business development.

Twenty years of experience as an Executive Manager have allowed me to acquire a deep knowledge of the problems that companies face on a daily basis. It allowed me to better understand the interpersonal and intergenerational dynamics and to help people to best express their potential, forming teams able to deal with success, the future and its challenges. While in the role of Executive Manager I had a coach mentality, focusing on betterment of the people I worked with, until the day I realised this was my true vocation and the path to take.



According to the ICF, the International Coach Federation, coaching is: “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. During the process of coaching we develop a professional relationship based on trust and on solid competencies. The coach is an expert in a process that, by means of questions and observations, accompanies the client to  become aware of his/her resources, define the wished-for results clearly and acquire new perspectives. In this way, the client learn to develop new possibilities of action by making quality choices with the achievement of concrete results.  


The training courses are tailor-made, based on the needs and wishes expressed by the client. To our personal work experience we add the “Best Practices” of large international companies to bring clients to reach their maximum potential. We believe that training in this historical pandemic time is a valuable opportunity to innovate and respond positively to change. The courses are interactive and experience-based. They facilitate the processes of delegation, communication, problem solving, cooperation and creativity. They are delivered in Italian, German and English.

In-Presence and On-line classes

Training courses and Coaching sessions can be carried out face-to-face or on-line. A hybrid approach, that exploits the advantages of both methods, is also applied. The courses are always experience based and interactive thanks also to the use of innovative platforms that allow you to train your personal and professional skills remotely.

In-Presence classes

  • They allow to develop direct relationships and interpersonal bonds between people
  • They are accessible to everyone and do not require electronic devices and/or Wi-Fi connections
  • They allow to deepen the themes of body language and non-verbal communication
  • They allow you to perform exercises that require movement
  • They always guarantee personal and professional growth with “Fun”

On-line classes

  • They eliminate costs and time associated with travel
  • They do not depend on the place in which one is located, consequently available from any part of the world
  • They allow you to develop charisma and empathy in front of the webcam
  • They are important for learning “Hard Skills” and “Soft Skills”
  • They increase digital know-how and the approach to new tools
  • They always guarantee personal and professional growth with “Fun”

Anja and Anna Consulting

Since July 2020 Anna Sekou and I have started to collaborate remotely online, Anna from the Costa della Luz and I from Venice. A fantastic teamwork that led us to found “Anja and Anna Consulting”. We offer consulting and training to companies in the areas of leadership development, effective communication and collaboration, change management and business development.


“We are in Venice, the city of beauty, ease and art. Art makes us relax through its beauty or grow through deep reflections. Art supports our creativity and helps us focus on what is important in life. Art is a form of meditation, it heals our soul and helps us to see the many aspects of professional and private life from another perspective”.

Anja Pascolo

Partners and clients

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