Anja Pascolo

In 2004 I have been certified as Executive Coach at The Change Partnership Coaching Academy in Milan. After completing a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the CUOA Vicenza Foundation, I continued my training by obtaining a certification in Health Coaching with Dr. Roy Martina and I followed the Professional Coach program at the Future Coaching Academy in Milan, becoming a Professional Certified Coach (PCC ) of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I worked as Executive Manager for multinational companies such as Daimler-Chrysler / Mercedes Benz Group in Germany and Italian family-run companies, leaders in the furniture, design and high fashion sectors, including Piazza Sempione Milano and Rubelli Group of Venice.

I held several courses and workshops in “Strategic Marketing & Competition Analysis”, “Luxury & Design” and “Ready for the business – Working with emotional intelligence” for the 24Ore Business School in collaboration with the University of Parma.

For years now, my focus has been Corporate Social Responsibility as an entrepreneurial project aiming to promote a positive organizational culture, through well-being of employees, in order to ensure a steady performance improvement.

My aim as a Business Coach is to create an exciting and dynamic business climate, in which the enhancement of the potential of the individual leads to a fruitful exchange of ideas, essential to guarantee constant innovation and the success of the entire company, enabling it to overcome obstacles along the path of change.

Study and certifications

  • Accredited Coach (PCC) of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner, NLP University – Robert Dilts, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Team & Group Coaching Certificate – Future Coaching Academy, Milan
  • Professional Coaching Certificate – Future Coaching Academy, Milan
  • Health Coaching Certificate – Dr. Roy Martina, Asheville/Milan
  • Executive Coaching Certificate – The Change Partnership, Milan
  • MBA, Master in Business Administration – Business School CUOA, Vicenza
  • Top Talent Program – Daimler-Benz Group: Deutsche Airbus Hamburg, Mercedes-Benz Washington, Deutsche Aerospace Munich
  • Laurea in Textile & Fashion Engineering – University of Applied Science, Germany


The coaching path I took with Anja was an extremely positive experience and very important for me. I became more aware of myself and this helped me to manage my team better. Anja allowed me to open up and speak freely, she is an empathic, decisive and direct person, always available to provide support also between sessions. I have completed the initial path but I would like to continue, as a second-generation entrepreneur I often find myself lonely in defining business strategies and taking decisions. Having a trusted Coach alongside me has allowed me to see the dynamics from other points of view and to live in serenity.


Founder of a medium-sized company

Anja accompanied my transition from Manager to Leader with a combined Coaching & Training path. Today I manage 160 people and despite the changes, due to a corporate restructuring, I am able to lead the team well, thanks to her teachings. I discovered a lot of my potential with her and together we worked out how to best apply it to my role. Even today, after 2 years, I meet with Anja every two months.


Multinational company executive manager

Anja and Anna have an excellent ability to adapt to the group, they know how to listen and focus on the team and on an individual level. They are authentic people and are able to establish a relationship of trust which inevitably spreads to all the other members of the group. Talking and opening up to them is easy. During the courses there is an atmosphere of serenity and the hours fly by. We understand that for them it is not just about work but a real mission where they put heart and passion as well as knowledge. They managed to make us feel like the protagonists of a beautiful adventure where we listened, self-analyzed, appreciated and also questioned. They explained the mechanisms of our mind and gave us ideas and notions to be able to grow and improve in our work, and so much more!


Multinational company employee

Partners and clients

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